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Listen now to our podcast, brought to you in partnership with The College of Podiatry, which provides information and training for podiatrists and other healthcare professionals to help patients with diabetes to self-manage their foot health effectively.

Interactive Diabetic Foot Screening Toolkit

A practical, step-by-step guide delivering a high-quality diabetic foot screening. Foot screening is the cornerstone of good diabetic foot care. This toolkit aims to provide healthcare professionals with an essential methodology to deliver an effective, high-quality foot screening. The toolkit is not intended as a substitute for practical training but provides checklists to ensure all aspects of the assessment are covered and discussed with the patient.

Available in both hard copy or interactive format.

This practical, step by step guide contains resources which enable you to:

  • Conduct a thorough consultation
  • Identify risk factors
  • Classify patient risk
  • Make appropriate referrals
  • Improve patient self-care

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