A dermatology perspective – Optimal emollient treatment & prevention of diabetic foot complications

A UK steering group met in January 2020 to review the current landscape of emollient use in the treatment and prevention of diabetic foot complications.

The group developed 34 consensus statements in total, aligned to seven key themes which were identified as part of the review. Informed by the consensus, this expert group created a set of 10 key recommendations to support the optimal use of urea-based emollients in diabetes foot care.

This webinar explores what the key recommendations are that the group identified and what the potential implications of this are on local clinical practice:

  • Understanding the burden of foot ulcers
  • Forming the consensus statements
  • Overview of results
  • Steering group recommendations
  • Implications on local clinical practice

Meet the speaker

Ivan Bristow has been a podiatrist for over 30 years. Since the commencement of his career, he has held a strong interest in lower limb and foot dermatology. He has promoted foot dermatology worldwide. He has co-authored books, published over 100 papers and runs a successful podiatric dermatology blog.

His current work includes researching new technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of foot infections. He holds visiting appointments at Universities in the UK and Australia and continues to lecture around the world as well as regularly working in clinical practice.

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